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Europe’s Hidden Secrets: The Ireland Edition

I have always wanted to travel the world: all 50 states and seven continents (yes, even Antarctica).

This dream was semi-fulfilled during my time abroad last semester in Brussels, Belgium. The trip opened my eyes to many of Europe’s treasures that were off the beaten path.

This week’s secret: Howth.


Howth is a small costal town, a 20-minute train ride from Dublin, Ireland. The country’s fame comes from the emerald green, rolling hillsides so many visitors overlook the fresh, harbor town.

Here’s five reasons to put Howth on your vacation wishlist:

1. Try the world’s best seafood (without breaking your bank).

Fresh seafood markets and restaurants line the boardwalk there with every platter costing 10 euro (about $12) or less. These include shrimp, lobster, crab, tuna and salmon all in one. For the seafood lovers like me, this was heaven.

2. Travel to Dublin, Galway and other notable Irish cities in less than one hour by train.

Galway, Ireland

The train called the Dart can take visitors any where their hearts desire for only 6 euros roundtrip (about $7.50). Even though it’s tempting to get some sleep during your ride, DON’T! You’ll miss out on the gorgeous scenery.

3. SeeĀ Ireland’s Eye.

Charles II built the Ireland Eye, Baily Lighthouse, in 1665. Today, it serves as a symbol of the town and runs automatically.

4. Get a bird’s eye view of the entire town (free!).

The grassy green hills fanatics can still get their fix at Howth Head, a grassy mountain rising right above the harbor. Expect a lot of walking (the average time to the top is 20 minutes) but the view is completely worth it.

5. Experience the wildlife.

Sea manitees are no strangers to the harbor. We were lucky enough to see one while we were there. Howth residents see mainitees, dolphins and turtles daily.

Click here for a guide to Howth.

Stay tuned! Coming up next week: See what hidden secret I found in Barcelona!


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